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Seven Benefits of RFID UHF Tags

Published:2018-02-01        Views:391        Back to list
 "Radio frequency identification, or RFID uses radio waves to communicate between a RFID reader and an electronic tag affixed an object, which has made significant impact in retail, transit, healthcare, payments, security and logistics applications and get benefits as follows: 
1.Better security: the UHF metal tags atom series by OPP IOT not only can be embedded or attached to metal surface of different products, but can be set password protection to the read and write of the encoded data, which has a higher security.
2. Tags’ data can be dynamically changed: the UHF metal tags atom series by OPP IOT can write data with programmers, which will give RFID tags interactive and portable function for data; further, the encoding time is shorter than that of barcode printing;
3. Real-time communication dynamically: the high frequency communicating with the reader, thus as long as the object attached with RFID tag appears within the valid identification range, its position can be dynamically tracked and monitored.
4. High speed of identification: once a RFID tag enters the magnetic field, the reader can immediately read the information inside it; moreover, multiple tags can be read at the same time to achieve bulk identification.
5. Large capacity of data: In the past, the largest data capacity of QR code can only store up to 2725 numbers; if any letters contained, the amount of storage will be less. However, RFID tags can be extended to dozens of K as per users’ demand.
6. Long life and wide range of applications: the radio communication make it be able to resist dust, oil or other pollution or radioactivity in the environment. Moreover, the closed packaging makes its life much longer than that of barcode.
7. Easy to read: data can be read without light, or even through the packaging and obtain a much further identification distance. The effective identification distance can reach up to 10 meters or more for some sizes.
With continuous development, RFID technology in the future will have more advantages for application in more multi-field and benefits us more and more than what we can imagine!

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