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UHF metal tag

Published:2018-02-01        Views:376        Back to list

With the rapid development of the global economy and the increasing volume of world's trade, automatic sorting system as an important part of modern logistics, facing a serious challenge. Operating speed, efficiency and error rate will directly affect the overall efficiency of the distribution center and operating costs and benefits. The traditional detection method has the shortcoming of the information not accurate, the transmission speed too slow, and it is difficult to realize the dynamic identification fast and accurately.

The introduction and application of UHF RFID technology has completely changed this situation. It can identify objects precisely and quickly, can read near or far through some certain barrier. The large data capacity can of UHF RFID tags carry more information of cargos; at the same time, the advantage of waterproof, grease-proof and strong resistance to high temperature , some chemicals and other substances, make it more secure and outstanding.

As the world's leading RFID equipment manufacturer - the United States ThingMagic company's "Science and Technology Changes the Way the World Works," UHF RFID solutions with high read-ing speed of 750 tags per second, can adapt to the speed of 180KM  and read regularly, fully meet the requirements of the system of automatic cargos sorting at high speed, may greatly promote the rapid development of modern logistics

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